50th Anniversary of Saitama University Aikido Club. 

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The celebration party has held at the Hotel New Otani in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo in May 30th 2015.

On that day, Mr. Hiroki Yamaguchi, the president of the University and Mr. Moriteru Ueshiba, the Doshu of Aikido, and Yasuo Kobayashi, the first Shihan of Saitama Univ. attended the ceremony as guests. Over 200 people attended including OB, OG, and students of Aikido Club in Saitama Univ as well as students of Shinshu Univ., Meiji Univ., and Tokyo Keizai Univ.  Members of Ishigaki Dojo also attend the party.  Ishigaki Shihan also attended the party as a current Shihan of Saitama Univ.  The party was ended in big success in talking about Aikido, activities, events of old times and enjoyed the reunion at the gorgeous banquet room with fantastic atmosphere.  Hoping the Club would be continuing and the spirits and techniques on Aikido would be taken over and go forwards next 60th, 70th anniversary.

Iran Aikido as affiliated dojo of Ishigaki dojo and Hombu Dojo would also like to congradulate this big event to Aikido mates in Saitama university.